Pronounced 'van-WAH-too' and means Our Land.  For those with old charts or globes, this archipelago was called New Hebrides before it became independent in 1980 from the UK and France.  The local language is Bislama - a type of pidgin English and is spoken by over 70% of the population.  I will try and use some of their language as we give you information on this South Pacific paradise.  "Tank yu tumas"  Thank you to much for sharing our travels to Vanuatu.

We have experienced one "National Geographic moment" after another since arriving in Vanuatu.  They still have many local customs which include chiefs and "kustom medicine".  This is traditional medicine including placing herbs over cuts.  Witch doctors are still casting spells to both heal and harm people.  Some of the witch doctors claim power over the seasons and climate.

Just a tidbit of info, up until 1969 (or if you talk to some local chiefs, 1980) they were still practicing cannibalism, which makes you hesitate when the locals invite you "for" dinner.

Let's visit some of the areas we enjoyed while in Vanuatu.  Click on the options below.  Hope you enjoy our trip.

All pictures can be clicked on a seen in a larger version for your further enjoyment.

Just to give you a taste of some of our trip, below are pictures taken in Gaua and Vanua Lava of a festival which included water music played by the local Kustom village women and a spirital dance performed by the local men

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Now please visit the various islands with us and see some more interesting pictures.

Up Tanna Up the Island Chain Maskelyne Islands Malakula - Uri Island Jonathan in Malakula Ambae Maewo Espiritu Santo