We were off to Ansanvari in search of a waterfall and the elusive Coconut Crabs.  Maewo is the wettest island in this island chain - lots of water flowing and this particular waterfall is right off the anchorage.  There is a local yacht club which yachties helped build and they serve a well known dinner of Coconut Crab with Kava being served beforehand and dancing and music after.

As we pulled into the anchorage you could see the water flowing through the trees and Rick could not wait for his shower with endless water.

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We then had a visit from Nixon, who his the chief's son and the head chef.  He was in need of a few items, i.e., garlic, onions, oyster sauce, rice and on and on.  It seems the freighter does not always get to the island in a timely fashion.  We traded these valuable items for a coconut crab. 

Later that evening we headed into the yacht club with the other cruising boats in the anchorage and had our first Vanuatu coconut crab dinner.  Absolutely delicious.  Coconut crabs are closely related to lobster and called krab kokonas in Bislama.  It takes 15 years for a coconut crab to reach maturity.  So named because one of the things they eat is coconut flesh. 

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As part of the evening meal, the chief had the locals prepare Kava for us.  Kava drinking is an evening ritual throughout the country.  If you're asked, consider yourself honored.  To decline kava when offered is to decline friendship.  Kava has a pungent, muddy taste and when you drink it your lips will go numb and then your limbs will feel heavy. 

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Boys grinding the kava root to make our evening drink

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 After some lovely walks through the village and our wonderful waterfall fix and dinner it was time to head on in search of the famous Blue Hole.  See you there.

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