Malakula - Uri Island

When we first arrived in the Malakula area, we were planning on anchoring in Norsup - the main harbor .  On arrival, we realized the wind and seas would make that impossible, so we beat back into the seas and wind and found a comfortable anchorage by Uri Island.  We spent several days in this anchorage, exploring this island and taking the dinghy across to Malakula and making use of the "truck taxi" to head into the main island area.  Malakula has lots of coconut plantations many of which are owned by the Japanese.  On each of these plantations you will also see cattle.  Vanuatu is well known for their beef - most being the best in the South Pacific and we sampled much of it.

After anchoring the canoes started to arrive boatside.  Many of the children came out and some of the adults as well.  On our way into the anchorage we caught a Mahi Mahi.  It is customary to give the carcass of the fish to the chief to share with the village.  They make a stew or use the bits of fish in the lap lap.  Of course Rick immediately got to try his hand at maneuvering on the local transport.

Rick in canoe.jpg (50042 bytes)

Friends of ours joined us the next day and we were all invited in for church services.  Kathleen is a minister and they asked her to speak.  After church they served us lunch in their community center.  Lap Lap and drinks (warm rain water) for everyone.  Laplap is the national dish of Vanuatu.  It is grated manioc, taro root or yams mixed with juice from grated coconut and water.  Next pieces of pork, beef, fish or flying fox (bats) are added.  Leaves from the laplap plant (like banana leaves) are then wrapped around the mix and tied.  The package is then placed in a ground oven with hot stones above and below to cook.

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Kathleen with the minister and elders of the local church

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This is the community center.  You can see eight or nine laplap trays on the floor.  Each of the village families made a different laplap and each trying to outdo the other.  Rick calls it Vanuatu's version of Pizza

Kathleen and I sat and tried each and every dish and they were all wonderful

laplapmary.jpg (51541 bytes)

As part of this day we also had a tour of the village and met everyone.  A wonderful time in the village of Selenamboro.  Rick even invited several of the young boys on board for a movie.  Unfortunately we could not invite everyone.  We probably should have arranged to show the movie in the community center for the entire village.  Of course that would have meant our TV and genset.  We will learn for next time.

village.jpg (55094 bytes)

This is the village we were visiting.

We were met on the path by many of the villagers. 

This young boy held Rick's hand or mind for the entire tour of the village.


rickandkids.jpg (65872 bytes)

rick and boys.jpg (46491 bytes)

These are the boys Rick had to the boat to watch a movie.  The watch a Rambo movie which seems to be a highlight with the locals.

mary and friend.jpg (158240 bytes)

This is the young boy who latched on to Rick
and I while we were in the village.  He was
living with is grandmother and I had brought
clothes to give to the children in these
villages.  He was so excited when he got
his new shirt.  I was told it was the first
shirt he had that was not a hand me down.


Now to we are off to see Jonathan, the Peace Corps volunteer we met earlier in Tanna.  He lives on the mainland in a village called Tauto.

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