Jonathan in Malakula

We headed over to the mainland of Malakula to visit with our Peace Corp friend, Jonathan.  He teaches in a village called Tauto.  On arrival in Malakula we asked for him and the taxi driver bought us right to his door.  As large as Malakula is it seems everyone knows everyone - especially a tall white American teaching in the village.

Jonathan gave us a tour of the village.  Below are a few of the pictures.  

jonathan at home.jpg (40884 bytes)


On arrival we spent some time just
visiting in his home, learning how
the system works for an American
volunteer in Vanuatu.

Jonathan has the blue cap on
and hosting another volunteer from
a different area of Malakula - Sarah


tautoschool.jpg (41380 bytes)

jonathan and class.jpg (66386 bytes)

This is the school

This is Jonathan's class.  They each introduced
 themselves and told us what they like about school.
  They had a map on the wall and we were able to show them where we came from.  It was lots of fun


We then took a tour of the village and got to meet some of the local people, including Jonathan's Vanuatu family.

cookhouse.jpg (60453 bytes)

kitchen.jpg (88696 bytes)

This is the cook house which is always
 separate from the sleeping area

This is the kitchen - no dishwasher here

jonathan and electricity.jpg (23071 bytes)

Now this we thought was ingenious.  Each
village has two or three electric poles and
several credit card boxes.  If you want
electricity you buy time on a card and
plug it into the box and the power comes
on.  You can use it for lights, TV or computer
time.  But make sure you have enough money
on the card because it will turn off right
in the middle of whatever you are doing.

At least the bills are paid on time!



We enjoyed our visit and tour of the village where Jonathan has made his home and we then went off in search of lunch.  We found a lovely local place where we had rice and beef by the sea for less than one dollar and then headed back towards where dinghies were to return to the boat. 

 We have stayed in touch with Jonathan and he emails us regularly.  It still sounds like he is enjoying the area.

We are off the another island to see a Festival. 

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