St. Lucia

St. Lucia - July, 1999 - St. Lucia is the largest of the English speaking Windward Islands.  Here are a few pictures of our visit.  If you want the full newsletter with more pictures, please contact our webmaster and it will be forwarded to you.


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These were sulfur springs and supposedly very good for your health.  


The Hummingbird Resort and view of the Pitons

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Our first volcano experience

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The Pitons


It was here that we added to our cookbook a new snack. Yes you can try this at home.

It is now called "Captain Rick's Roasted Coconut" - has a ring to it don't you think.

Take the meat from a coconut and slice it into strips about 1/8" thick and 1" long, sprinkle with salt and place in a hot covered fry pan. No need to add any oil as the coconut has its own.  Roast them until the edges turn brown, add more salt and serve hot or cold.  Serve on a portion of banana leaf (optional).

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