We arrived in St. Martin on February 14, 2000.  We were finally meeting friends we had not seen since leaving the states.  Our trip up from Trinidad was a quick one.   We left January 26 from Trinidad.  We arrived in Grenada, Prickley Bay, that evening around 7:30pm.  We spent a full day in Grenada as we need to make some minor repairs, the packing gland had to be replaced as well as a few other items.  We then left quickly heading for Carriacou.  We were not sure what to expect as we went back up the island chain as they had recently experienced the hurricane, Lenny, which we heard did much damage. 

We arrived in Tyrell Bay, Carriacou, after a very long day.  Heavy seas and gusting winds made for a difficult sail.  Upon arrival we noted the damage on shore, the road had been washed out and the dingy dock was not longer there.  We had seen pictures in the local paper showing waves akin to surfers waves in Hawaii.  We were amazed the damage was so slight. 

We were both tired and not interested in cooking, so called the Carriacou Yacht Club, which we had joined going down the island change, and planned to have dinner there.   We met another boat, S/V Viva with Jack and  Chris on board.  As we were talking we found they knew mutual friends of ours, Graham and Jean on S/V Deception.   This community is really a small world. 

The following day we headed up to Union Island for a reunion with friends we had left in Trinidad and met some new ones.  We ending up having pizza on shore with Sunrise, Spirit Borne, Jubiliee, Hideaway, Folie a Deux and Dawn Trader at a bar that was showing the Superbowl.  Most of us were not really interested in the football as being on the boat you lose track of who is playing.   We had a great evening and planned a trip to the Tobago Cays, an area we had visited and fell in love with on our trip down the island chain.

As we were still on a fast track, needing to get to St. Martin in a timely fashion, we left the following day for Bequia.  On arrival, we met up with Yacht Deception.   We had left them in Bermuda in June as they headed north and we headed south.   We had a wonderful reunion and vowed to keep in touch.  They were heading to Trinidad and we were heading west.

We continued on spending single overnights in anchorages along the way until we reached Montserrat.  I will  do a separate section for Montserrat at a later date.   We had now reached islands we had not seen before and spent a little more time visiting.  We continued our trip to St. Martin with stops in Montserrat and St. Kitts, finally arriving in Marigot Bay, St. Martin (French side of island).

Friends Visiting in St. Martin and Anguilla

        Heineken Regatta

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