Our Travels

As we continue our adventures, we hope to use this forum as an ongoing newsletter.  We hope to give you information about our travels in written and photo perspective.

We know we will have many more pictures than text, so all additional pictures can be found in the photo album.

We hope to have this newsletter setup so the first item will be the latest.  Hopefully we can keep all information available on the site so you can still refer back to another island.

Enjoy the information and we hope this gives you a small glance into our travels.

Australia - Visit with us through our times in Australia

Vanuatu - A South Pacific Paradise - August to November, 2003

New Caledonia - Baguettes galore - June to August 2003

Marquesas - Landfall in French Polynesia

Galapagos - Wildlife galore

Panama - New Pictures will be added soon

Dominican Republic - Waterfalls and more

Carriacou - The Island Surrounded by Reefs

St. Martin/Anguilla - Friends and the Heineken Regatta

Rio Macareo - The River Trip

Trinidad - Work, Play, more Work and A Caribbean Christmas

Tobago Cays - An island paradise

Bequia - An island of fishermen, sailors and boats

St. Lucia - The largest English speaking Windward Island

Martinque - Parlez-vous anglais?

Dominica - The Nature Island of the Caribbean

Antigua - June, 1999   

Bermuda - April, 1999

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