The Marquesas

On our trip we pulled a line in hopes of catching supper.  We were luckier than some as we caught a few fish along the way.  Our daily information net gave updates on how many fish each boat caught and, of course, what lures were used in the process.  The best it seems was a pair of red panties one of the yachties "borrowed" from his wife.  They seemed to work, however, we did not have any available.  We used the traditional lure and, as you can see, we had some luck - a small Mahi-Mahi..

On the passage I again manned an SSB net which kept track of about 18 boats.  I was lucky enough to have a few backup net controllers who took over the duties on weekends.  This was so I would have a chance to sleep in (yeah right).  It was enjoyable to listen to all the boats and the various trials and tribulations of each passage.  We were also able to listen to boats in the group ahead and the group behind.  I think there were at least 100 boats heading to the Marquesas from the Galapagos Islands and Ecuador and we saw not one on our trip.  There were also many boats heading directly to the Marquesas from Mexico.  We were able to follow a few of their nets as well.

We were getting excited, this was our first island group in French Polynesia.  Also as the Marquesas are not normally a tourist destination, we were hoping to have more involvement with the local people. There are several islands in the Marquesas.  The principal inhabited islands are Fatu Hiva, Hiva Oa, Ua Pou, Nuku Hiva and Ua Huka.  The French as do the Spanish, do not believe that the letter "H" is worth pronouncing.  However, they add this poor letter to the beginning of some words randomly.  Also since you have the local pronunciation it gets very confusing.  For instance, Fatu Hiva is pronounced Fatu Iva.  On the other hand, Nuku Hiva is always pronounced with a strong "H" sound.  Go figure.  

The distance from the Galapagos Islands to Nuku Hiva is 3,055 nautical miles.  We made landfall at Fatu Hiva as it was a little bit closer. 

 Landfall after 21 Days - What a Beautiful Sight!!

Unfortunately arrival in these islands also has its unfriendly side -- the Ferocious No-No Fly and Dengue Fever (mosquito transmitted).

Now please join us as we visit a few of the islands of the Marquesas.

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