We left Hiva Oa - a very small and crowded anchorage looking for a more peaceful location for a few days before the 80 mile trip to Oa Pou and Nuku Hiva.  We had read about the beautiful anchorages in Tahuata and headed that way.  

If you look carefully you can see two boats between the trees.  A nice relaxing anchorage.

While we were anchored here, we were visited by dolphins who came into the harbor to feed.  At the same time the young ones would play.  They came out of the water, did twists and loops and had a grand time.

We then dinghied to another harbor for a Sunday church service.  Our arrival committee was a group of local children.  This was repeated throughout many of our island visits.  They are always so welcoming and inquisitive.

Again as in most of the villages in the Marquesas, we watched the locals practice for the races they would compete in for the big celebration - Fete - which is a month long celebration ending with Bastile Day.

Well other boats began to find our location.  When we arrived in this anchorage there was one other boat.  By the time we decided to head to Oa Pou there were 21 boats.  As this is an 80 mile trip, we decided to pick up anchor around midnight and head to Oa Pou with an estimated trip of 14 hours depending on the anchorage we choose. 

Join us on our visit to Oa Pou.

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