Oa Pou

Oa Pou was an overnight passage from the southern islands of the Marquesas.  We picked up anchor late in the evening and headed out.  There were several boats heading in that direction and we kept in contact.  As we got closer to the island, we had heard the main anchorage off town was very crowded and they were making boats move as the supply/passenger ship - the Aranui - was due in the next day.  Because of this we chose to head on around to the other side of the island.  As we passed the north side of the island we took this picture of the spires.  Though not showing all spires, it was the best we got.  There were many cruisers who never saw the spires as they were almost always in clouds.

Heading around the corner of the island

As we entered the anchorage
we took this shot

As is typical when entering a new anchorage, we met up with other cruisers to get their impression of the island.  What they enjoyed and areas we should visit.  One of the areas that was mentioned many times was the waterfall.  This could be a difficult trip for us as Rick was still on crutches.  However, everyone said it was an easy trip.  Well it was up hills, through the jungle and across creeks.  But we persisted and we were bless with a secluded waterfall that was worth the trip.

The remaining pictures are "X" rated - sorry

 One of our day visits to the island included a stop at the local school  The children were learning the local dances and showed us how much they learned.  It was also lots of fun to visit the classroom.   The children learn Marquesian, French, Tahitian and English during their schooling.  At this age, they were learning Marquesian and French.

Another island adventure which was recommended was a trip to the main town for lunch when the Aranui was in.  This is the supply/passenger ship which carries up to 60 passengers.  It seems they have a very nice buffet lunch, including many local specialities and a dance group to perform the local Polynesia dances.  This would be our first view of the dancing done in these islands.  Again many of these groups are practicing for competition in Tahiti during Fete.

One of the benefits of heading to the main town for this lunch was the trip.  It was over the mountains, with spectacular scenery.  This was the harbor to the main town after they requested the sailboats leave as the Aranui was coming in.  You can see the ship in the left lower corner.

It's time to move on.  You can occasionally see Nuka Hiva from here and we are planning to head over there.  During the last few island visits we have developed a problem with our anchor windlass (this is a motorized way of pulling up the anchor chain).  We are hoping to have it fixed in Nuku Hiva.

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