Fatu Hiva

Our timing was pretty good as we had a good daytime entry into the harbor.  We were once again met by dolphins as we got closer to land.  The first impression we had of this island was the drastic landscape changes, lush greenery and volcanic peaks.

We were soon to find out the place to meet people in these islands is at church.  Everyone attends and music and singing are plentiful.  There are colorful dresses, flowers and the view from the front of the church is  "Tranquillity".

 Marc (playing the local drums) and Teri from s/v Tauranga out of California join in the musical festivities

We truly enjoyed our first Polynesian island.  We did some walking on the island, even though limited by Rick's crutches, including watching the locals play volleyball.  

The local priest wanted his picture taken for his visa.  He was planning a trip to see the Pope and needed to send in his picture with the visa application.  Due to their location, it would have taken him several days to make the trip to another island, have his picture taken and then return.  I took his picture and began our trading/bartering on the islands.  I was able to get eggs, bread, fruit and veggies for pictures.  It also become our way of giving gifts - everyone wanted a picture.  The trading became necessary as the supply boat had not yet arrived and there was no bread or eggs available on the island, except what you could get by trading with the locals.

Before we headed off to the next island in the group, we had a beautiful picture taking opportunity.  I think the gods wanted us to remember the wonderful time we had in Fatu Hiva.

If you look closely at the top of the rainbow there is a stone which looks like George Washington.  What a wonderful beginning to our trip in French Polynesia.

Our next adventure is an island called Hiva Oa.  This is where we actually start the long process of checking into French Polynesia - See you there!

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