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collinsfamily.jpg (20887 bytes)

Yes this is a pelican, a little fuzzy

This is Collins with his younger children and wife, older kids are at school

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purpleflower.jpg (17347 bytes)

Flowers in the jungle were beautiful.  You will see many.

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rickjungle.jpg (19824 bytes)

Mac and Becky were in Collins canoe going back to their boat

Rick says this is what he came cruising for. 

whitebird.jpg (23141 bytes)

I enjoyed watching these birds



whitebird2.jpg (11175 bytes)

yellow2.jpg (16413 bytes)

Another bird in flight

hibicus1.jpg (15226 bytes)

This was an island of hibiscus that Rick was trying to get away from the boat.

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pinkflower1.jpg (15637 bytes)

We don't know what this tree is, but were impressed by how red the roots were

Another interesting flower.

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kids.jpg (16129 bytes)

Not sure what it is, someone thought a bush turkey

More children arrived and we gave away licorice and crayons and coloring books

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rainbow1.jpg (12548 bytes)

Boats anchored in the Cano Tucupita

Rainbow as we moved up the river

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serengeti.jpg (19194 bytes)

Another picture of flowers

Serengeti type change in the landscape

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