This should be a tentative agenda of where we hope to go.  Of course, as everyone knows it can change at any time.  We tend to depend on the weather and also on the services we need. 

We are currently just south of Brisbane and heading north inside the Great Barrier Reef and the across the Bay of Carpentaria with a few stops in Aboriginal Land if possible then on to Darwin.  From Darwin we will do our final provisioning and head across the Indian Ocean to South Africa.

We have spend an enjoyable time in Australia  and have traveled south to Tasmania, around Melbourne on the Great Ocean Road, visited Sydney and more.  Hopefully a picture log will appear on the website in the next few weeks for your pleasure.

As you all know, our plans are cast in "Jell-O".  Will try and keep everyone posted.

Don't forget you are welcome to visit.  The rules are you pick either location or timeframe, but not both.  We will try and accommodate as much as possible.