San Cristobal


Our first landfall appeared near dawn - Isla San Cristobal.  As we got closer we passed a large rock called Kicker Rock.  We heard other cruisers talk about sailing through this crack.  It is supposedly 35 feet wide.  We chose to pass it by but got this picture.

kickerrock1.jpg (5488 bytes)


The location of the anchorage was called Wreck Bay, maybe because there have been a few ships wrecked on the reefs surrounding the entrance to the bay.  We had been told by previous cruisers that there were numerous sea lions in this location - well that was an understatement.  They swam around the boat climbed into dinghies and were everywhere.   Between the sea lions and the turtles, you could sit in your cockpit and be fascinated for hours, which considering how difficult it was to make landfall was a good thing. 

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The sealions decided they liked our dinghy

This fellow was checking out the dinghy of someone who was visiting us.

After arrival in Wreck Bay we decided to have Rick find the local hospital to check out his foot as it had been bothering him since leaving Panama.  We make it ashore by hailing a local boat, as taking your own dinghy was very difficult.  We walked to the local hospital and they took Rick immediately.  He had his foot checked out and a removable cast put on.  Of course they told him to stay off his foot for a week - which is not possible while sailing, but we tried.  The most interesting thing about the visit was once the doctor decided what to do, she made a prescription for everything Rick would need, including a needle for the shot to reduce the swelling, and told me to go to the local pharmacy and pick all this up and return to the hospital.  They then gave Rick the shot and created the cast from materials I purchased.  The total cost for the hospital was $10.00 (which is 10 times higher than the locals were charged) and I spent another $30 for the medication and supplies.  Things are much cheaper in places outside the United States.

Rick and his doctor, Katheryna

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We then head off to Santa Cruz and Academy Bay for our next visit in the Galapagos.


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