One of the most famous post offices in the world -- mail barrels on Santa Maria Island, also known as Floreana.  These have been in use in one form or another every since the days of the whalers.   During the days of the 1800s many whalers mostly British and American often stopped in the Galapagos.  During the trips to sea you would be gone for months and sometimes years.  The mail barrel became a location where you could drop letters to loved ones and another whaling ship going in that direction would take your mail and bring it closer to your loved one.  Still today the mail barrels are in use, however, mostly by cruisers and tourists who visit the lovely islands of the Galapagos.

Below are a few pictures of us as we checked mail for different locations and drop some of our own to be delivery by the next visitor to these islands.

This is the postoffice

mail2.jpg (28150 bytes)

Like none we have
ever seen

mail1.jpg (12922 bytes)

mail3.jpg (15337 bytes)

We were checking to see if you had any mail and dropping off some postcards.  Hope you got them!

We are now off to our final island visit of the Galapagos.  Puerto Villamil, Isabela.  There we will visit and stage to start the next portion of our trip to French Polynesia.

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