We spent two seasons in Australia - a season being the time when we cannot visit the islands due to Cyclones (Hurricanes to those in the states).  Most of Australia is free from the Cyclones.  It makes a great location to use as a places to make needed repairs, reprovision the boat with food and spirits so that we can again venture out to the islands when the weather permits.  

During our first 6 months in Australia we visited Brisbane (a wonderful city), spent Christmas in the Botanical Gardens up the river there and then headed a bit south to do some boat repairs before heading off on an "island tour".

We then left Australia and headed to New Caledonia and Vanuatu.  On return from Vanuatu we spent another few months visiting Australia, spending Christmas with new and old friends in Melbourne and awaiting the visit of Kevin, Mary's son.  He was planning to visit us during our second season in Australia.

Our plans were to then to go up the coast of Australia, visit the Great Barrier Reef and points along the way and work our way to Darwin.  From Darwin we would begin our next major ocean passage across the Indian Ocean.

I know it seems like lots.  You may find there are many more pictures and less writing along the way.

As a picture is worth a 1,000 words and I don't have time to write those thousand, most of your Australia experience will be photographic which small notations.  I hope you enjoy our visit as much as we did.

Please join us on our visit.

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